Effective Method to Erase Hard Drive

Quick Removal of Unnecessary Temporary Files

Best Tool to Clean Disk


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Easily and Safely Erase Hard Drive with the Help of Disk Thinner

Want to keep your pc running smoothly? Want to solve the trouble of Low Disk Space? If so, you must regularly erase hard drive. Unfortunately, for many computer users, this task maybe difficult because it is not easy to determine which files on a hard drive may no longer be needed and where to delete them. How to safely and easily erase hard drive? Follow me!


Disk Thinner-Helps You Clean Disk

Disk Thinner is a multi-featured hard disk cleaner tool, designed to clean hard drive to free up disk space. It has four useful functions: Disk Thinner, Software Uninstaller, Junk Cleaner and File Cleaner. Now, follow me to see how magic it is.


1. Disk Thinner


erase hard drive


There are some yellow buttons on the right which mean that you can delete any unneeded file to save more hard disk space. (The process is so safe that you do not need to worry deleting any important file.)


2. Software Uninstaller



With this function, all of installed software is displayed from which you can choose any one that you do not want to use again, and click the Uninstall button to totally delete it and clean up all of its leftovers.


3. Junk Cleaner



You can delete evidences or junk files with the help of Junk Cleaner. There are three choices for you: Select Default, Select All, and Cancel. Just choose one and click the Scan button and delete the evidences or junk files at last. If you are not sure, Select Default is OK.


4. File Cleaner



The “Big file “ item of File Cleaner function can help you find all of large files which occupy huge space. Then you can remove any one to save space.



You can find any file you want to delete from the vast sea of PC files. Just click “Appointed File” of File Cleaner function and type the file name or file type, then fill in other information, you can easily find and remove it.



Your computer must have a lot of duplicated files which occupy your disk space. The “Duplicated File” of File Cleaner function can pick it out and easily delete them.


Easiest Way to Erase Hard Drive

This perfect software can really meet with all your needs to clean disk. With the help of Disk Thinner, you do not need to worry about deleting important files any more and don’t need to cost much time and money to erase hard drive.


In order to have a more smooth computer and take nicer computer experience, choose Disk Thinner now!