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"Wow, really easy-to-use software. With it, I have deleted so many duplicate files on my computer easily and automatically. Great!"


- Brewster , US

"It indeed helps me remove many unneeded files and programs on my hard driver. Now my PC runs faster than ever."

- Edlyn, UN

"You guys really did an awesome job!! Thanks for helping me clean duplicates, evidence and junk files. My PC performance is highly improved."


- Chilton, US

Use the Best Duplicate File Finder & Cleaner to Reclaim Hard Disk Space

Why You Need Duplicate File Finder & Cleaner


Sometimes no matter how carefully you use the computer and manage your files, duplicate files would accumulate anyway. Those files take up precious hard disk space, slow down the backup process, prolong the virus scanning and reduce the overall speed of computer operation—this is the reason why duplicate file finder & cleaner is necessary.


How to Find Duplicate Files?


Manually searching your computer and removing the duplicate files you’ve found? Just to manually find duplicate files will cost you too much time as you have to open every folder, every disk to check if there are some duplicate files—and that’s not the most difficult situation, since many duplicated files are not located in the same folder, even in the same disk, not to mention the hidden files you cannot easily find them out.


So, what should you do to quickly and effectively remove all duplicate files?


Disk Thinner—the Best Duplicate Cleaner to Detect and Remove Duplicate Files

You can use duplicate finder and duplicate cleaner to help you. They can automatically find all the duplicate files and completely remove them.


Disk Thinner is a fully-automated duplicate file finder & cleaner which can effectively scan any specific folder you want to do the cleanup and thoroughly delete the unwanted files. With Disk Thinner, you can easily achieve accurate and quick detection by:


Setting out the search conditions

Finding the duplicate file of the same file name/contents, or with the same file date; limiting the scanning to certain file type—document, music, picture and so on; ensuring safe deletion by excluding search for system files, etc.


Checking the detailed and easy-to-understand report

Minimize the chance of mistaken deletion.


Following are the instructions on how to use Disk Thinner to do duplicate file deletion:


1. Click the “File” icon in the main interface of Disk Thinner, and then click the “Duplicate File” tab. On the left column, select the search path (from which disk or folder to search for duplicate files), and then set out search conditions on the right column. Click on “Scan” to start searching.


duplicate file finder


2. After the completion of scanning, you will see a detailed report as below. Select the files you want to deal with (or check the box under the report to select all), and use the buttons on the right beside the report to copy, cut or delete.



Pretty easy, and you can download this Duplicate File Finder right now to make your hard disk clean and tidy!