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"This tool is very nice to use. I know nothing about PC, but I can easily manage it, it is very powerful. After a full scan, much space was released, and the speed of my PC has been highly improved."


- Baldwin , London

"Disk Thinner really helps me so much. It is really an all-round tool to clean pc; just one Disk Thinner is enough to keep my PC run well."

- Conrad, Canada

"Well, I just want to say thanks to you; your software is really amazing about how to clean windows. Thank you so much!"


- Bruno, US

Don't Clean PC until You have Read Info Below

Since junk files can highly decrease PC speed and performance, to know how to clean pc, clean junks or temporary files and keep PC in good performance is an essential requirement for all PC owners.

How to Clean PC by Hand?


Firstly I want to say, manual way is not recommended if are not good at computer since even one improper operation can lead to system crashes. And junks and temporary files need to be cleaned regularly to keep a good pc performance, thus, manually do that step by step is really not a good choice.

Way Out? Disk Thinner can Help You!


Disk Thinner is a fully automated tool which can help you clean Windows in an easy and professional way, since it is full-featured  for improving PC performance. Its below 4 functions can thoroughly and totally clean your pc:

Disk Thinner:

Disk Thinner function is used to clean up unneeded files in your disk with the purpose to free more disk space. As we all know there are surely many sample files and help files stored on a new PC, which are not necessary yet occupy much disk space. Cleaning up those files with Disk Thinner function can help you free up more space and correspondingly speedup your PC.


clean pc



Uninstaller function offers you the ability to uninstall unneeded programs easily and completely. With it, all hidden files after un-installation, such as, hidden registry keys, files, folders and other remnants will be cleaned up with no traces.



Junk Cleaner


This function is not just for cleaning up junk files in your PC, but for clearing history, evidence, temp files and cookies, etc. It not only can release much space, but also can safeguard your privacy by erasing all browsing traces.



File Cleaner

File cleaner is a nice filter which can help you filter out all unwanted files based on the size, type and location you set. For example, you can use it to find duplicate files, big size files and appointed file and so on. This is also a useful function for PC cleaning.



In simple words, Disk Thinner is professionally designed to keep your PC in a better status. With it, you will never need to be boring on PC troubles, such as, how to clean pc, how to speedup PC, how to improve PC performance, how to optimize PC in an easy and professional way. All those and much more can be easily done by Disk Thinner! Do not hesitate anymore, free download and try it immediately!