Disk Thinner is a multi-featured disk cleaning tool designed to free up more disk space by deleting unnecessary junk and evidence files, uninstalling unneeded programs and removing appointed files. The functions of Disk Thinner, Software Uninstaller, Junk Cleaner and File Cleaner are included.
Disk Thinner

Disk Thinner can easily clean up useless files that come with Windows system like sample music, wallpapers, handbooks and used updates and patches. The cleaning function can greatly free up hard disk space.


Uninstaller provides smart solutions for uninstalling unwanted programs and intelligently detecting hidden leftover registry keys, files and folders and removing all remnants to keep your PC net and clean.

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner can scan and remove all the evidence or junk files on your system to free up more hard disk space and get applications run faster. This function can also erase all internet traces and junk files.

File Cleaner

File Cleaner is capable of completely cleaning any unwanted file or folder on your PC, including duplicate and large files or folders (you can filter them out according to the file size, type or location) in minutes.

About Disk Thinner


Current Version: 1.1
File Size: 2.89M
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Release: Jul. 30,2018




"I never know my computer can run like new, because it is really a 5-year-old stuff. I am using Disk Thinner, it frees up more disk space that my computer can quickly start up and the run speed is quicker than before, wonderful!"


-Alcott, illinois

"There are too many useless files that come with my Windows system. I never used them yet they occupy too much hard disk space. Disk Thinner helps me delete them and save a lot of space!"


-Wayne Smith, United States


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Disk Thinner Interface

Disk Thinner is composed of four features like Disk Thinner, Software Uninstaller, Junk Cleaner and File Cleaner. It is specially developed for freeing up hard disk space by removing the files or folders that come with Windows system, deleting unnecessary junk and evidence files, uninstalling unneeded programs, and removing the duplicate files. Furthermore, Disk Thinner can also keep users’ hard disk in nice and tidy status, and speed up your system speed.

Features and Benefits of Disk Thinner

  • Delete sample wallpapers, music, pictures and handbook
  • Delete useless update and patch files
  • Forcibly remove unwanted and balky applications
  • Clear up the residual registry entries and drivers
  • Erase online history and computer activities
  • Remove invalid start menu, shortcuts, files and folders
  • Clears empty, obsolete and temporary files
  • Remove cache and cookie files
  • Clean big-size files on any location
  • Appointed and duplicate file finder & cleaner
  • Clear up zero size files